CR Land carries out its social responsibility works under the principles of strategy-oriented, culture-based and brnad promotion, and the fice elements of mission, vision, value,development philosophy and corporate spirit.

Integrity is the foundation of CR culture and the bottom line to safeguard thedevelopment of the Comparny.
Compliance with industrial codes, integrity in contract performance and businessconduct, rejection of bribery and promotion of fair competition are all key principles.

Business performance is the basic criteria for talent selection, appointment, appraisaland recognition.
Always strive to provide more quality, eco-friendly and people-oriented products andservices to surpass customer expectations, cooperate with business partners withintegrity, create value for customers and promote mutual growth.

Appreciate and reward society.

Respect human value, realise human potential, fulfil human spirit, protect employeerights and interests, and maximise the value of the Company and its employees.

Join hands with partners for mutual benefits, development and growth.

Reject sacrificing the environment for corporate development, reject sacrificing long-term benefits for short-term interests, reject sacrificing mass health for immoralprofits, reject sacrificing brand reputation for short-term prosperity.



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