Lead the Business Progress and Build a Better Life Together.
China Resources recognizes the important link between business progress and social development. The company’s lofty corporate mission supports the responsible course of action which promotes the well-being of the entire society while pursuing corporate development.

China Resources will lead the following four areas in business progress:
Abiding by business ethics and defending market rules to build an orderly business ecosystem;
Transforming through innovative business models as the epitome of a successful Chinese enterprise;
Taking social responsibility as a state-owned enterprise and rewarding society with shared benefits;
Contributing business intelligence, sharing best business practices and providing ideas for social progress.

China Resources will create a better life for its customers, shareholders, employees, partners, wider society and the environment through:Provision of quality products and services that continuously exceed customer expectations, and create customer value;

Improvement of corporate governance and performance to yield steady business development, in accordance with laws and regulations; Protections of employee rights, helping employees achieve their personal value and improving their happiness index;

Compliance of business ethics that create a favorable win-win business environment through cooperation; Participation in charity and promotion of mainstream values for social harmony and development in response to national policy; Obedience to the environmental protection laws and regulations, energy-saving measures for renewable economy to achieve ecologically-friendly civilization.


Be a Global Enterprise with Accumulating Public Trust and Popularity.
With a remarkable history of over 80 years, China Resources has been actively adjusting itself to historical trends and seizing business opportunities through continuous transformation. This is the reason why the company has maintained its vitality and able to establish a good reputation and credibility. In the new historical period, China Resources will continue fighting for its position as “a trustworthy and popular global enterprise".

To Earn Public Trust and Popularity
China Resources is dedicated to creating excellent value for its shareholders and customers while simultaneously offering satisfactory value to the community and the environment. The company will provide a wide range of popular offerings to customers, while satisfying its shareholders with the corporate performance and creating a corporate culture that employees enjoy and are proud of. The company will actively take on a socially responsible role in order to be an enterprise that is loved, recognized and appreciated by the public. Thus, setting an example for its peers and the business community.

To be a Global Enterprise
With a vision of being a global enterprise, China Resources needs compete in the international arena, where it can allocate resources at a global capacity and successfully expand its market with maturity and confidence in a free and open economy. All businesses under the company need to establish their own industry leadership with an international-level talent team, management capacity, operational efficiency, corporate culture and product brands, building its own international competitiveness and achieving global development.


Integrity First, Performance Driven, Human Oriented, Innovation Constantly.
Integrity is the core value and the foundation of China Resources. The company is driven towards continuous performance and forward momentum. China Resources is people orientated and dedicated to creating value for them. Innovation and development drives the company to meet challenges.


Make it Solid, Make it Stronger,Make it Bigger,Make it Good,Make it Longer.
Substantiality, Superiority, Scale, Strength and Sustainability
In order to adapt itself to the new economic discipline, China Resources needs to actively switch to an intensive growth mode through innovation, structural optimization, industrial upgrading, improved quality of offerings and higher cost-efficiency. To this end, the company has demanded all of its businesses to follow the philosophy of "Substantiality, Superiority, Scale, Strength and Sustainability”.

The company will stick to its commitment to all stakeholders and comply with relevant laws and regulations. It will also establish a solid basic management and control system, standardize the decision-making process with transparency and professionalism, as well as strengthen the established business model for continuous development to improve product quality and maintain organizational efficiency.

The company needs to lead the industry with superior performance in key technical and economic indicators, capital return, operational efficiency, product competitiveness, brand influence, as well as its position in capital market. Besides the overall business sector, the company also needs to be stay on top of the industry standard for each project.

With significant growth, the company is targeting to be an industry leader in the size of operations and market share in order to make a significant impact on the industry.

In order to be respected by society and recognized by its customers, shareholders and employees, the company is committed to building an excellent team, offering outstanding performance and first-class products and services. Moreover, enjoying a good reputation by providing high levels of health, safety and environmental protection and setting an example through socially responsible practices.

The company will strive to establish its core competitiveness, and sustain the market advantage, thus resulting in a long-term business mode . Ultimately a good internal operating mechanism and external ecological environment will be established to support the long-term goal of sustainable development.


Pragmatism, Professionalism, Synergy, Dedication.
Pragmatism, Professionalism, Collaboration and Dedication
Pragmatism is a work style. China Resources values the importance of hard work, rationality and openness.
Professionalism is a work attitude. China Resources aims at lean practices, high efficiency and operational excellence.
Collaboration is an organizational capability. China Resources encourages teamwork, embraces inclusiveness and enables win-win achievements.
Dedication is a spiritual motto. China Resources focuses on dedication, responsibility and passion.

Business Philosophy

People-oriented, population-driven, respect for humanity, and building a better life together.
These are the connotations of the four “ren” characters in the CR logo. It conveys CR’s fundamental objectives of building a business, serving the society, and creating benefit for the public. The selected industries in which CR is engaged, its products and services, and the fulfilment of its social responsibilities are all built upon the business philosophy of “people-oriented, population-driven, respect for humanity, and building a better life together.” People are the fundamental objective and impetus for CR’s business development. CR emphasizes spiritual values and respects human values. To this end, CR will offer a rich array of products and services to society, while being committed to creating a better and higher-quality lifestyle for the community.

The name, “China Resources”, incorporates the auspicious meaning, “The Great Land of China is Endowed with Abundant Resources” The design concept of the CR logo originates from the calligraphy of the great master of the Tang Dynasty, Yan Zhenqing. Master Yan’s “hua” character (“China”) is made up of four “ren” characters (“people”) in the middle. The CR logo, a creation inspired by this character, reflects CR’s long and glorious lineage, similar to that of the Chinese culture. The four “ren” characters also resemble a series of arrowheads pointing upward, implying CR’s growing and flourishing businesses. The amber-coloured square in CR’s logo symbolizes the earth, implying CR’s dedication to its motherland, and its solid foundation in the Chinese soil. The white “ren” characters contrast sharply against the amber background, reflecting the courage of the CR team in taking up challenges, and its activeness in innovative thinking. CR’s corporate logo carries its intangible assets, and is the medium through which the company communicates information.

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