Employee Career Development

More than 60% of CR Land’s senior officers are directly trained from graduates or cultivated through internal training for talents from social recruitment.


Year 6-10

Senior Officers and Professionals

Year 4-6

Intermediate Officers and Professionals

Year 3-4

Junior Officers and Professionals

Year 1-2

Core Employees

Year 1

Newly Graduated Employees


Key Position Career Planning

Key positions undertake the responsibilities crucial for the realization of enterprise strategic goals and bear the core business processes, which are not administrative ranks. CR Land will lean towards key positions consciously in terms of salary, training, development opportunities and other resources. 

Career planning for key positions is significant for the professional growth and career development of employees. CR Land gives more space and responsibilities for employees in key positions to give full play to their talents, including periodical relocation to other cities for work, study and relevant training in profession and management, thus to promote the rapid growth of employees.


Mentor System

Every new employee will be assigned a business backbone or officer as the mentor, who will help and guide the new employee to get familiar with the working environment and procedure and get into character as soon as possible. The mentor is both a good teacher and helpful friend of the new employee. Besides being a role model for new employees, the mentor is also an honor that promotes their own progress and growth.


Rotation System

This system creates job rotation opportunities for potential employees to fully understand the corporate business and increase their all-round experience; and through rotation, CR Land can tap the individual potential of employees, discover and cultivate talents.


Internal Talent Exchange

CR Land encourages talent exchange in an orderly manner within the system and the group. Internal talent flow provides a platform for employees to fully realize their potential and demonstrate their capabilities, which provides employees more opportunities for growth and career development.


Training and Development

CR Land carries out comprehensive trainings to support constant self-improvement of employees as well as the full enhancement of their professional competence and occupational qualities. The main training methods include leadership development, professional competence training, domestic and overseas study and exchange, internal learning, and action learning, etc.


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