Project Introduction

Project introduction

As the business unit providing comprehensive construction services and multi-dimensional space solutions under CR Land, it has created a comprehensive, integrated and whole-industry-chain property construction system of “engineering construction + indoor space management” based on the 7 major businesses: professional construction, decoration, electromechanics, furniture, e-commerce, curtain wall and decorative design. While effectively supporting the main businesses of CR Land, it has joined the large-scale project competition in the market, thus providing customers one-stop construction service with high quality, high efficiency and high cost performance. 
Project Introduction

Construction Business

Possessing differentiated competitive advantages in commercial building electromechanical design, general contracting of large complex project construction and electromechanical construction, curtain wall decoration project management and construction agency.  

Electromechanical Business

Possessing differentiated competitive advantages in electromechanical intelligentization, cost control, whole-process electromechanical design, BIM application and electromechanical integrated debugging; committing to becoming a technologically leading integrated electromechanical constructor.   

Decoration Business

U-Elegant Company Limited undertakes large indoor and outdoor decoration, curtain wall and landscape engineering projects in Hong Kong, Mainland and overseas, and provides decorative design service to customers.   

Curtain Business

Professional contracting of curtain walls, including project management and design. 

Furniture Business

Logic Office Furniture Co., Ltd. (Zhuhai), originally Logic Company founded in Hong Kong in 1987, is a professional integrated furniture manufacturer and retailer under China Resources Group. 

Building Materials E-commerce Business

Material supply, and supply chain management. 

Decorative Design Business

Decoration scheme design, construction drawing design, and design management output. 
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