CR’s Assistant General Manager Wu Xiangdong Attends Opening Ceremony of Luohu Kapok Hotel

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The opening ceremony of Luohu Kapok Hotel was held on October 17 in Shenzhen. Assistant General Manager of CR and Executive Director of CR Land Wu Xiangdong, Senior Vice President of CR Land Kong Xiaokai, and General Manager of CR Property Bao Yanfei attended the ceremony.

After visiting Luohu Kapok Hotel, Wu Xiangdong expressed his gratitude to all parties participating in the construction of the hotel and showed satisfaction with the design concept, design style and construction quality. Meanwhile, Wu pointed out that the market size and supply-demand structure of the hotel had changed and the customer demand became more diverse in the new economic environment. We need to establish our own product management system, and the hotel should further improve product quality and service to be personalized, platform-based, diversified and digitized. Finally, Mr. Wu hoped that all hotels would make persistent efforts to conscientiously do a good job in EHS management while achieving performance goals, as well as implement low-carbon environmental protection concept, and contribute to energy conservation and emission reduction.

Luohu Kapok Hotel is the first kapok hotel and flagship store in China. After upgrading and reconstruction, all 167 rooms of the hotel have been additionally equipped with high-tech intelligent equipment, which can transform the space into a small meeting room or game room as per the specific needs of customers; and it has an anti-snoring pillow and a sleep monitoring belt, which can generate multi-dimensional sleep quality for customers and escort their sleep comprehensively.

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