New Year’s Message from CR Land: Strengthening Foundation and Making Steady Progress

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All employees of China Resources Land, dear colleagues:

Time flies and hard work pays off. The past 2018 is an extraordinary year in the development history of CR Land. With the hard work and joint efforts of all the members, various business indicators of the company have reached the best level in history, and our comprehensive strength has been further improved. We have delivered a satisfactory answer to shareholders and the society with remarkable performance. With this, we pay a tribute to the 40th anniversary of Reform and Opening-up, as well as to the 80th anniversary of China Resources. We have laid a solid foundation for realizing CR’s great ambitions. On the occasion of New Year celebration, I would like, on behalf of the company, to extend sincere greetings and gratitude to all employees and family members who have made unremitting efforts and contributions to the development of CR Land in the previous year, as well as to cooperative partners, investors and all sectors of the society who have long been caring and supporting CR Land.

In the previous year, we resolutely implemented the policy spirit of central government to build a long-term mechanism for the healthy development of real estate market, actively practiced CR’s theme of “transformation innovation and quality development”, and achieved good development speed and quality. We have been committed to promoting rapid turnover on the basis of high quality, and greatly improving operational efficiency on the premise of offering good products and services, thus making new record in sales. Our commercial property continued to innovate, and led industry development and market demand, with the retail sales outclassing the industry average and the turnover reaching a new high. We have increased resource investments in innovative business, launched business layouts in senior housing, leasing apartments, cinema and funds, and achieved new development in culture and sports, education, urban redevelopment, construction and operation, and properties, etc.

It is particularly worth mentioning that when the Reform and Opening-up comes to the 40th year, China Resources Tower known as “Spring Bamboo Shoot” located in Shenzhen Bay was officially put into use, which marks the completion of “CR Shenzhen Bay City Complex” developed by CR Land for a decade. This is a solid step taken by CR Land towards transforming to an urban comprehensive investor, developer and operator, and it also marks a new height of commercial property in China.

In the past year, more than 40,000 CR Landers, with high morale, strong sense of mission and responsibility, and master’s attitude, have worked selflessly towards our common goals and constantly surpassed ourselves and our competitors, therefore achieving today’s rapid development and impressive performance. We thank the development opportunities of the times, thank the correct leadership of CR, and what’s more, thank the customers’ trust and recognition of CR brand. Here, we would like to extend our sincere thanks and high regards to you!

Rivers constantly flow and the world is always new. All great undertakings are constantly advancing when we inherit the past and open the future. We must resolutely carry out macro-control policies of the Central Government, seriously implement the spirit of “stabilizing land price, housing price, and expectations” put forward by Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, and vigorously promote the healthy and sustainable development of the real estate industry. Furthermore, we must thoroughly implement CR’s working thoughts of “transformation, quality improvement, stability and innovation”, adhere to CR Land’s strategy of “precise investment, outstanding operation, innovative transformation”, thus leaving an indelible mark in the picture of 100-year China Resources.

In the coming year, we will promote revolutions in quality, efficiency and motivation, and strive to achieve growth with “high quality, high efficiency and low risk”. We should follow the organizational orientation of “professional in headquarters, powerful in the regions, practical in the cities”, promote evaluation encouragement, optimize talent training system, build core organizational capabilities, improve organizational efficiency and stimulate frontline vitality. We must adhere to cultural leadership, cherish CR Land’s remarkable cultural traditions of integrity, entrepreneurship, pragmatism, professionalism and learning, further shoulder CR’s solemn mission of “leading business progress and creating better life”, and provide products and services with better quality, thus bringing customers more comprehensive, convenient and comfortable feelings of life.

We have made remarkable achievements in the previous year, and should progress further in the future year to come. Dear colleagues, China Resources Land will inherit the spiritual temperament of CR people who always define themselves with hard work, explore and innovate, overcome difficulties, pursue perfection with perseverance, and live up to the opportunities, challenges and glory that the times have given us. With more outstanding performance, we will make new contributions to build CR a world-class enterprise with international competitiveness and achieve long-term success of the century-old company. Let’s work together and move forward to the future! 

I wish you all good health, successful work, career progress, and a happy family in the New Year!


China Resource Limited

CEO Yong Tang

31st December 2018

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