China Resources (Holdings) Company Limited (hereinafter "CR") is a multi-business holding enterprise group registered and operating in Hong Kong. Its predecessor was Liow & Company established in Hong Kong in 1938 and was renamed China Resources Company in 1948. Its supervision was transferred from the General Office of CPC Central Committee to the Central Ministry of Trade (the present Ministry of Commerce) in 1952 and to the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission in 2003 when it was listed as a key state-owned enterprise.


  In 1983, China Resources Company reformed its subsidiaries into companies by means of equity-based restructure and established China Resources as an enterprise group. Later China Resources turned from general trade proxy services to self-operation and, through a series of investments in various industries, has gradually developed into an enterprise group with significant influence in Hong Kong as well as Mainland China.


  The Group operates in seven major fields and is equipped with 19 first level profit centers and 2,300 business entities with a total employment of 400,000. China Resources Enterprise, Limited, China Resources Power Holdings Company Limited and China Resources Land Limited under the management of the Group are listed as Hang Seng Index constituent stocks and known as the Three Blue Chips of China Resources. As one of the Global 500 in the world, China Resources was ranked the 143th of the Global 500 by Fortune in 2014.


  In 2013, China Resources realized a total turnover of HK$ 507.8 billion, a total profit of HK$ 50.1 billion and a total asset of HK$ 1079.7 billion. CR operates in seven major sectors, namely the consumables (retail, brewery, food and drinks), power supply, real estate, cement, gas, medicine and finance. The multi-business operations of China Resources are supported by its solid industrial foundation and market competency with its business in retail, breweries, power, land and property, gas and medicine taking the lead in their respective fields.


  In 2001,China Resources began to implementing a development strategy by “renovating China Resources”. After two strategic phases of development, China Resources has laid a solid industrial foundation and significantly promoted CR's status in the industry and development capacity.


  At present, China Resources is implementing its 12th Five-year development strategy, planning to develop a batch of strategic business units with a total annual turnover of over HK$ 100 billion and a total annual operational profit of over HK$ 10 billion. China Resources plans to realize a total sales volume of HK$ 700 billion and a total profit of HK$ 100 billion in the 12th five-year period, advancing China Resources to at least the 250th of the Global 500 and building it into a world-class enterprise with international competency.


  At this new starting point, China Resources is determined to constantly outdo itself and provide returns to the shareholders, contribute to the well being of the whole society and benefit the public through its ever improving performance in all aspects.

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