MIXC Wuxi Starts Business

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MIXC Wuxi held its opening ceremony on December 20. Wang Quan, mayor of Wuxi, Wu Fengfeng, deputy director of Wuxi Municipal People’s Congress, Wang Jinjian, vice-mayor of Wuxi and CR General Manager Qiao Shibo attended the ceremony and visited several brands and stores in the shopping center.

The MIXC Wuxi, occupying an area of 260,000 square meters, is home to more than 200 stores. With nearly 300,000 people visiting on the first day of its opening, it raked in about 10 million yuan.

During the trip to Wuxi, Qiao Shibo visited Huang Lixin, member of the Standing Committee of Jiangsu Provincial Party Committee, and Wang Quan, Deputy Secretary of Wuxi Municipal Party Committee and Wuxi Mayor. The two sides discussed on further increasing cooperation and investment in the fields of gas, microelectronics and property and future investment plan in Wuxi.

Qiao and his party also inspected CR Gas and CR Microelectronics. 

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