CR Land Releases Annual Report on Social Responsibilities 2013

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On July 15, CR Land released the Report of CR Land on Corporate Social Responsibility 2013, the first independent report of CR Land on its corporate social responsibilities. Following the Guide to Corporate Social Responsibility Reporting (CASS-CSR 3.0) and the Standard for Rating Corporate Social Responsibility Reporting of Chinese Enterprises (2014), the Corporate Social Responsibility Research Center, the Economics Division of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences comprehensively evaluates the CR Land’s performance of its corporate social responsibilities and the process, content, completeness, balance, comparability, readability and innovation of its reporting, highly commented CR Land’s work in performing its corporate social responsibilities and rated the report as a Four Star report.


As the flagship enterprise in real estate business, CR Land has included its performance of social responsibilities into its development strategy and sought to guide the transformation of the urban lifestyle, spur the growth of urban economy and realize the harmonious coexistence of enterprises and society through improving the city images. For many years, CR Land has been committed to the economic development, environment protection, social harmony and sustainable development. In economic development, the Company realized a total turnover of HK$ 71.389 billion and a total profit distributable to shareholders of HK$ 14.696 billion. In green operation, the Company has established a complete organizational system and regulation system for environment management. In respect to the commercial property holding, both the comparable comprehensive energy consumption per HK$ 10,000 and the comparable comprehensive energy consumption per HK$ 10,000 of added value has considerably dropped. The local requirements on residence energy efficiency have been implemented and the design energy efficiency standard is fully implemented on the construction stage. Green star-rating standard certification is adopted for all newly development residence projects. In 2013, five projects were certificated as green buildings. With respect to social welfare, the Company actively participated in the development of CR Hope Towns. Since 2008, the Company has completed the transformation of residences in eight Hope Towns the public support facilities and urban infrastructure. The Company also encouraged its employees to participate in the volunteer events. In 2013, over 2,500 employee/times participated in volunteer activities totaling 8,750 hours of volunteer work.


In addition, CR Land also displayed excellent performance in key aspects of real estate industry, including “ensuring the quality of housing buildings”, “providing services of high quality”, “actively addressing customer complaints”, “employee training and development” and “reuse of wasted bricks, materials and earth”.

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